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Instrumentation: piccolo / b. flute, Bb clarinet / b. clarinet, percussion, violin, viola and cello

Duration: 6'

Bangkok Art and Culture Center (THB) | 24.12.2022

Performed by TACETi Ensemble 


Instrumentation: a. flute, bar. saxophone, percussion and guitar  

Duration: 7'

Tulindbergin sali, Oulun Musiikkikeskus (FI) | 09.10.2022

Performed by Kaaos Ensemble 

APHONIA (2022) 

Instrumentation: six voices and three  instruments  

Duration: 10'

Premiere: Solitär Hall, Universität Mozarteum Salzburg (AT) | 15.07.2022

Performed by Ensemble Multilatérale & Les Métaboles

Conducted by Léo Warynski


Lithophonia (2022) 

Instrumentation: duo percussion 

Duration: 4'

Premiere: Tinos Art School (GR) | 08.07.2022

Performed by ARTéfacts ensemble

Heterogeneous Reflections (2022)


Instrumentation: percussion ensemble 

Duration: 11'

Premiere: Loco, Switzerland (CH) | 02.07.2022

Performed by Percussion de Strasbourg 

Palindromes (2022) 

Instrumentation: Bb clarinet, bayan and cello

Duration: 12'

Premiere: Uilenburgersjoel, Amsterdam (NL) | 05.03.2022

Performed by Roadrunner 



Chasing (2021) 

Instrumentation: s. saxophone, violin and percussion

Duration: 7'

Premiere: Neimënster, Luxembourg (LUX) | 20.11.2021

Performed by United Instruments of Lucilin 

Ticho (2021) 

Instrumentation: b. clarinet and ensemble 

Duration: 11'

Premiere: Divadlo X10, Prague (CZ) | 29.10.2021

Performed by Martin Adámek and Ensemble Terrible 

Conducted by Patrik Kako

Aether (2021) 

Instrumentation: b. flute, oboe, b. clarinet, horn, piano, 2 violins, viola and cello

Duration: 7'

Premiere: Auditorium the Eye - Orsolina 28, Moncalvo (IT) | 04.09.2021

Performed by Divertimento Ensemble 

Conducted by Sandro Gorli

Nysa (2021) 

Instrumentation: piccolo / b. flute, Bb clarinet / b. clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello

Duration: 10'

Premiere: Philharmonie de Paris - Grand Hall Pierre Boulez, Paris (FR)  | 23.04.2021

Performed by Multilatérale Ensemble

Conducted by Leo Warysnki 

Brutum Fulmen (2021) 

Instrumentation: solo flute 

Duration: 7'

Premiere: Tel Aviv (IL) | 02.01.2021

Performed by Hagar Shahal (Meitar Ensemble)


Rheuma (2021) 

Instrumentation: amplified t. saxophone, amplified cello, amplified el. guitar and tape

Duration: 12'

Premiere: Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg (RUS) | 23.05.2021

Performed by GAMEnsemble

Persephone (2020)

Instrumentation: solo alto saxophone

Duration: 8'

Premiere: Utrecht (NL) | 15.02.2021

Performed by Pantelis Lykoudis

Morfeas (2019)


Instrumentation: flute, Bb clarinet / b. clarinet, piano, violin and cello

Duration: 6'

Premiere: Kulturschloss Reichenau, Reichenau an der Rax (AT) | 24.08.2019

Performed by Fractales Ensemble

Purple (2019) 


Instrumentation: flute, tenor saxophone, percussion and piano

Duration: 5'

Premiere: Citta di Castello, Italy | 20.07.2019

Performed by Suono Giallo Ensemble

Simian Complex (2018) 


Instrumentation: flute, Bb clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello and contrabass

Duration: 8'

Premiere: Brick 5, Wien (AT) | 23.06.2018

Performed by PHACE Ensemble

Godot (2018) 

Instrumentation: for orchestra 

Duration: 5'

Premiere: Grote Kerk, Utrecht (NL) | 10.11.2018

Performed by KamerOrkest Driebergen

Conducted by Albert van Eeghen


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